"We highly recommend Shirley as a realtor. She knows the area, knows the market and provides a nice mix of personal and professional input while selecting homes to view. Then, once we selected “our” home, Shirley managed the purchase process with perfection. Emails were answered swiftly. Forms delivered instantly - in fact we closed three weeks after the signed P&S was finalized."


"I was a novice client who had to be shepherded through the maze of real estate rules, protocols, and deadlines. Shirley was patient with this first time buyer. She provided answers to a multitude of questions, arranged showings, communicated with skill both face to face and online, got me through internet signings, tutored me on the inspection process, and guided me through all aspects of the financial demands. I landed happily just where I wanted to be. I can recommend Shirley McIver without hesitation. She was there for me every step of the way."
- Judy Shivik


"I’ve had the worst, now I can say that I have had the best in a real estate broker/agent. Shirley McIver made it a true pleasure to sell our home. Selling a home in Maine In the winter is nearly impossible but with a truly skilled professional like Shirley, you can bet that your chances are greatly improved. Great communications throughout the process and the number of showings certainly made us feel that we had made the right selection. If you are looking to buy or sell property in Maine, you will not go wrong with Shirley. Thank you for all your assistance."
-Marcel Bernier


"At the time we were selling, the market had dropped and Shirley stepped up to the plate and put pics and info in just about every brochure in the country. She was in touch with us regularly and was very knowledgeable about everything concerning the real estate market."
-Dennis Towne


"20 years ago my husband and I decided to move to Maine from Ma. We contacted Shirley through her real estate office and told her that we wanted to look at several homes in one day. Shirley stepped up to the plate and off we went looking for hours. Shirley always has her customers best interest in mind and is very reliable. If we needed answers on a home she had them within hours no matter what time of day we asked. Needless to say we purchased our home in Bridgton and have loved it for 20 years. I would highly recommend Shirley to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate."
-Cynthia LeBlanc


"Shirley handled the sale of my mother’s home in Bridgton for me. The value of the property in dollar amount was very small. Her share of the commission must of also been very small. This did not seem to influence the amount of effort that Shirley put in to getting the property sold for what I felt was a very fair price. Shirley was in frequent contact with me about selling strategy and her progress. She stayed on top of all of the transaction straight thru to closing. To sum up my experience with Shirley. Very competent, thorough and very hard working for the client."
-Paul Kennison


"Shirley is a very educated and energetic person. She has serviced me greatly in both real estate sales and rentals market. My rental tenants have only praised the way she has treated them and responded quickly to their calls. She has been a great guide in educating me on the changes in the market values over the past several years. I look forward to a long term business relationship."
-Joe Mancini


"Shirley sold our house in Bridgton in less than a week. With her knowledge of local markets she suggested a listing price higher than our expectations. Shirley provided important guidance in navigating multiple offers. We ended up with a full price sale, the transaction of which proceeded smoothly."
-Erika Rowland